Will I be able to order more than one of the same item?

Yes, you will be able to order more than one of the same item. The only thing you need to do is change the numerical value in the shopping cart and you are set with your order.

My item arrived damaged or defective. What should I do?

Meat products can only be returned if:
The package has been altered or damaged during transit.
The item delivered is not what you had placed an order for.
If you are unhappy with your order, please raise your concern by reaching out to us anytime at +91 99161 50115

Do you offer refunds?

Please note that once the order is submitted, packed cannot be cancelled or refunded irrespective of the mode of payment.
Please review your order carefully before submission.
However, if your order has arrived damaged or defective, you can raise your concerns by reaching out to us at the time of delivery.

How do I place my order?

You can place an order from our Mobile App, Website or on our  number: +91 99161 50115

How long does it take to deliver my order?

Your delivery will be done within 120 minutes. We strive hard to deliver within 120 minutes from the time the order is confirmed (subject to availability of stocks).

Can I pre-book an order?

Yes! We accept pre-booked orders. You can pre-schedule an order too.

I am unable to log in to my account 😐

Try the Forgot Password option. If you’re still not able to log in, please write to us at support@meetthemeat.co.in along with your registered email address. You can also call us with your registered mobile number +91 99161 50115.

How do I change my address?

Go to your Account panel and just edit your address. Your default address will be updated automatically.

My mobile app is very slow or hanging !!

Close all your open apps and restart our app again. If you’re still facing issues with your app check your network for any connectivity issues. Please note that our app’s performance totally depends upon your internet connectivity. If the problem still persists, contact us via email us support@meetthemeat.co.in or +91 99161 50115

Can I apply multiple coupons on a single order?

NO! You cannot club different coupons on a single order. Only one offer is applicable for a single order.

I received an incomplete order.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please bring the issue to our notice by contacting our team at phone  +91 99161 50115 . We’ll address your issue immediately.

I want to place a bulk order.

Yes, we do take bulk orders. Send us a mail support@meetthemeat.in and please specify the product(s), quantity, date and time that you require the order.

What is the difference between Lamb, Sheep and Goat?

Lamb is the youngling of a Sheep (less than 1-year- old), while Goat is a separate species altogether.
Lambs (and Sheep) have wool on them. Goats aren’t that lucky. Sheep always follow their shepherd.
The shepherd always leads from the front and the sheep nearly always obediently follows the master. Goats on the other hand are not clannish, so they are bred in individual households and never in a group.
Sheep are fortunate to have sheep dogs to protect them, and their shepherd to lead them to green pastures.
Goats find solace in roaming within the vicinity of their master’s den. There is a distinct difference in taste between the meats of Lamb, Sheep and Goat. Lamb meat is called just lamb. It’s more tender and juicy than mutton (the meat from Sheep). Sometimes, Goat meat is also called mutton, but there’s a vast difference in taste between Sheep mutton and Goat mutton.

What is the difference between fresh / frozen meat?

Frozen meat is any meat which has been held in a frozen atmosphere and whose temperature has dropped below -4°C.
Fresh meat is meat straight from the animal, held in a chill atmosphere below 4° C but above freezing temperature.
Also, fresh meat is always ready for consumption right away. You don’t have to thaw it or wait for it to defreeze

How can you confidently say that your meats do not have hormones in them?

We take great care to ensure there are no growth promoters such as hormones, other bad stuff (which is a long list) or antibiotics in the poultry that you buy from us. The growth promoter bit is easy – if you are ready to take a hit on the profit margin and are ok with poultry such as chicken not growing to the largest size before slaughter, then you don’t need to add any growth promoters. In fact most vendors in the market today do not add hormones in chicken and is a common myth. Now we take the concept to the extreme for health reasons and take a hit on the profitability in return for a smaller bird – that is why you see that our whole chicken is only between 1-1.3 kg after cleaning, generally the chicken available in the market would be much bigger. The good news though is smaller chicken is more tender and much more tastier

Are all your Chicken Free Range?

No, only the Country Chicken and free cut chickens varieties are Free Range birds. The others are reared naturally but not in the open farms which qualify for Free Range rearing.

Are your meats Halal Cut?

Yes all of our meats are 100% halal cut by human beings in the proper Halal methodology.

Is my credit card information safe on your site?

Yes 🙂 We do not store credit card details in our system. All online payment related transaction are carried out using trusted ICICI Bank backed payment gateway system. Therefore, all your precious information are safe.

What is MTM prime customer?

Meat the Meat offers as special discount to their loyal customers who have placed their orders more than 10 times or 10 times so that when they order for the next time the customer will get 10 % of discount where 5% is an immediate discount and the rest 5% will be added to their MTM wallet which can be further used when the customer places his or her order.

What is custom cut?

Custom cut is where a customer can order any part or any portion of the meat be it chicken,goat or lamb
according to their needs
Note: Minimum of at least 1 kg should be ordered when you place order in custom cut.